Children of Royal Teshie Orphanage get royal treat fit for the gods!

Children at the Teshie Orphanage, rechristened the Royal Teshie Orphanage went to bed Saturday night in their humble congested house and woke up in some of the world’s most luxurious vehicles thanks to EuroStar Limos.
EuroStar Limousines Ltd., the only 5-star limousine and top-range luxury car rental service providers in Ghana gave the children a royal treat in grand style.

Chauffeur-driven in a 20-car convoy with a motorcade, the children riding in Limousine stretches, Rolls Royce Phantoms and Ghosts, Bentleys, Maybachs, Macerates, Escalades and Mercedes Benz S-Classes were taken to the Golden Tulip Hotel for a buffet lunch they certainly will forever live to remember.

One of the children, Richard Korquaye would later tell journalists that when he saw the fleet of luxury cars lined up on the dusty road to the orphanage, “I thought the president was coming around the area to do something. I didn’t believe we were going to sit in those cars.”


Carrying one of the children – Blessing, whom managers said was brought to the Home with her umbilical cord attached after she had been dumped in the bush – on his shoulders, the Chairman of EuroStar Limos Ltd., Mr. Oscar Yao Doe told the children the blood running through him was the same blood running through them.

He said there was therefore no reason why they should see themselves differently and suffer inferiority complex. He later danced away the evening with the children after they were treated to sumptuous meals and deserts and inspirational words.

Speaking at the lunch, the Country Director of EuroStar Limos Ltd., Mr Zooid said, “Today’s event is about planting a seed of self-worth and a spirit of possibilities in the minds of children who more often are made to believe they are orphans. In a society that really cares there are no orphans. The children really belong to the community and the parents are but custodians.”

Mr. Zoobi said the company could have chosen its clients and other top business executives for a luncheon but “We chose to do this because we believe the future of any progressive country lies in its children, and the quality of the minds of the children influences the progress of the country. At Eurostar we believe that a society is judged not by how it treats its privileged members, but by how it answers the call to support the under-privileged. So let this be a challenge to other corporate organizations. We encourage you to create belief in the minds of children.”

Addressing the children directly, Mr Zoobi said, “To every young person in this hall, you have to reject the myth that you cannot succeed simply because your circumstances are different. Your circumstances don’t make you – it is your dream and your will to believe in the possibilities that are available to you that will make you succeed. There are children who have everything they need and live in the lap of luxury with their parents and yet they turn out as failures.”

He announced a scholarship package for three of the children; to pay the full cost of their university education. “We have agreed with the management of the home on a criterion and some modalities for selecting these kids. But we will not stop there. Aside from paying the fees we will take a personal interest in mentoring these 3 throughout their education by keeping an open door policy towards them. We will follow their progress and step in to motivate them further. We will have a stake in their success.”

In addition, the company donated a mini bus to the Royal Teshie Orphanage after the managers bemoaned the fact that they had no vehicle to facilitate their movement.

Beaming with smiles and visibly humbled – if not stunned – by the sheer magnitude of the kind gesture, the Founder and Proprietor of the Orphanage, Mrs Janet Parker said she was dumbfounded by the generosity of EuroStar Limos.

The gesture, in her estimation, was the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

Mrs Parker said since she founded the orphanage in the nineties, there has not been anything as nearly glamorous.

She said the children and management of the orphanage will forever reserve a place of pride in their hearts for EuroStar Limos.


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